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Dual Sim Issue: Calls going to VM

Star III
When I am on a call on Sim 2 people calling me on Sim 1 go straight to VM. I went to call settings - carrier related - additional settings to make sure Call Waiting was on and it was.
Any ideas?

Star III
No one else has this problem? I can get calls if people are calling me on the same sim that I am actively using but not if they call the other sim.

HI @nicholasgibbs
Thank you for reaching out.
Has call forwarding previously worked on your device? I haven't seen any other reports on this, so it could be a carrier-related issue.
However, sometimes your Bluetooth may be the cause of why your calls are landing straight into voicemail. Try disabling your Bluetooth connection and check if the problem persists. Also, make sure that DND is not enabled.
Thank you!

Rising Star II
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