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Dead Zenfone 8 out of warranty

Hello Team,

My phone has stopped working completely and is two and half years old. I am also out of Europe where it was purchased.

Looks like the motherboard has some issues. Will Asus be able to cover the phone under warranty if I take it to EU area and get it serviced? The phone was purchased in June 2021 but for a well documented/discussed reason, the motherboard has failed.




no... Asus can fix the phone for 640 (parts - new Mobo and labour) + 60 EUR for initial diagnostics and shipping...

IF you don;t agree on the fix you still need to pay the 60 EUR to get the dead phone back (and that you agreed to those 60EUR costs when sending the phone to Asus)...

So no, Asus will not help me, and still they will charge me 60 EUR

That's clearly cheating when i have already paid 550 GBP for a phone to last a minimum of 4 years. I dont think i will buy an Asus phone again. I had purchased Asus as i did not want to buy any Chinese android phones.  

yup, feel the same... bought the Zenfone 8 16/256 with intention to have it for a longer period of time just like you... phone died, and only after that i found info that there were foulty motherboards and it looks like Asus doesn't care or don;t think that this is their fault. And really oddly phones are dying just after warranty ended... and you could be lucky if the phone died before warranty.

I'm still waiting for Asus Support and what will they say, as i feel cheated with the 60EUR, as it was known before sending the phone for repair the the MoBo is dead...


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Please check the top right corner and kindly share the serial number and details requested in the PM inbox.
Thank you.

Star III

Hey got some breakthrough with my phone, and please follow the steps mentioned by Falcon and later you should get contacted by Asus Support who might be able to help you depending on you dialogue with them.