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Dead Zenfone 8 out of warranty

Hello Team,

My phone has stopped working completely and is two and half years old. I am also out of Europe where it was purchased.

Looks like the motherboard has some issues. Will Asus be able to cover the phone under warranty if I take it to EU area and get it serviced? The phone was purchased in June 2021 but for a well documented/discussed reason, the motherboard has failed.




Star III

Sorry to hear that. Even if your phone is eligible for EU service, the warranty period in EU is also for 2 years. So I don't think they will cover any kind of damage after that.

found some one mentioning that sometimes they do help since they have had this common issue with all phones.

Hey! Got the same issue, phone died 4 months after warranty ended (also mother board). Asked via phone for what would be the cost in Asus Service center nad it would cost 640 EUR + dignostics cost and shipping...

Got contacted by admin here that Asus will reach out to me and they will try to help me... Created a ticket via Asus Service Center as they wanted... Got today info back that they can only help me with receipt of 640 EUR 😮 so nice help Asus, no i will need to pay 50-60 EUR for the diagnostics cost and shipping, where i told them before that mother board is dead... awesome

So you paid only 50-60 EUR instead of 640 EUR? Is that understanding correct?