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Clicking noise from camera/loudspeaker

Star III
Ever since I got back my Zenfone8 from the service (they replaced the display) there is a "clicking" noise audible randomly. I could not figure out what is causing it, sometimes it does it in every 1minute, sometimes it takes longer time, but its repeating. During calls, I can hear it very often, but also during browsing when I hold the phone in my hand (away from my ears) its also loud enough to be heard. Before my phone was in the service, I have not encountered into this, just after the return of the repaired phone with the latest ( fw preinstalled. I am unsure where it comes from exactly, but its frustrating.
Has anyone else experienced similar???

Star I
Same problem, but mine is completely factory made.

Rising Star I
Same here, I think it started doing it after the last update.
I noticed that it only happens when the screen dims when it is about to turn off because of inactivity.
Can anyone else confirm the same?

Star III
Thanks for confirmation, probably its an issue with the latest ( firmware then.

Zen Master I
Hi @czinege.tamas @patbence.1999 @Adaoh
I have not been able to reproduce this, can you clarify if is it a physical sound or if it's coming from the speakers?
Would be possible for any of you to add here a video with sound of this issue you are experiencing?
Thank you!