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Bunch of issues

Star II
 I hear the notification sound for a new email (Gmail), but notification icon is not displayed on Always on Display, neither does the LED blink.
 Spotify notification icon is still visible on Always on Display after media is stopped. It doesn't go away even after I swipe away the notification in the notification drawer. I have to manually close the Spotify app to get the notification to disappear from the Always on Display.
 No notification icon on status bar when Spotify is playing media
 Duplicate notifications from alarm app (Sleep for Android)
Alarm app doesn't automatically open when alarm is ringing; I have to manually open the app to stop the alarm (this might be a problem with the Sleep app itself, but this is the only phone where it manifests on)

These are the issues I noticed after only using the phone for a couple of days. Wouldn't be at all surprised if these notifications issues manifest with apps other than Gmail, Spotify and Sleep.

Smaller issues
The size of the clock widget is a lot larger than it's supposed to be (Can't upload screenshots for some reason)
 The navigation buttons are too small. Wish I could make them larger.
Wish I could rearrange/regroup the apps in the drawer without going to Options -> Manage apps first.
 Unnecessary and annoying vibrations that can't be turned off e.g. When scrolling a list and reaching the end, when opening notification drawer.

Star II

The AOD has some delay. I have disabled all battery and power optimization features but using Dynamic mode. I will give the High performance mode a try and disabling OptiFlex in the future when I have the time.

I think the app drawer ease-of-use is limited because it is close to stock Android. I'm coming from Samsung and it does feel very backward but this area is subjective as many others prefer the stock Android experience.

"Settings - Sound & vibration - Vibration - Touch vibration" will disable vibration when scrolling to end.

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I will try disabling Battery -> Background app management and see how it goes.
I found an system app called "Always-on Panel" that I disabled Battery optimization for. I'm not 100% sure it will affect the Always-on Display, but it doesn't hurt to try. (Wish someone from Asus would actually read these posts)
I don't want to disable all touch vibrations. I dislike it when there's no feedback when using the keyboard. But it's fine. Neither that or the app drawer things are big issues. My main concerns right now are the buggy and delayed notifications.

Also, since I can't edit my original post, the issue with the Sleep app not opening automatically when ringing turns out to be an Android 11 issue and not ZenUI specific. It's fixed by allowing Sleep the "Draw over other apps" permission.