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Broken notification system

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As already reported:

Hello staff,

This is my third or fourth bug report for the zenfone 8. This is a minor bug report but still pretty annoying in some cases. I wanted to tell you that the notification system on some apps gets stuck if you're using the same account on different platforms. Let's take an example: i am using telegram on my zenfone 8 and on my PC. This thing is really odd, here's the scenario.

I receive a message on telegram. This happens:

1) if i quickly open the notification from the PC, the notification disappears instantly from the zenfone's notification center. This is how it should be, 100% correct. No notification's icon stuck on the smartphone after reading the message from another platform.

2) if i wait for a bit and i open the notification from my PC after a while , the notification gets stucks on the smartphone's notifications center : the bug relates to the AOD notification system and to the regular notification system ( notification's bar and on-screen notification) . Only way to make the notification disappear is to swipe away the notification or re-open again the same notification you've already read from your PC because the smartphone "thinks" of it as a new message.

I can 100% assure you this is not a problem related to the Telegram app, this has never happened with my other android devices,even with pixel 5 which is almost entering in its public android 12 release.

I'm hoping for a fix for this minor bug as also for the other bugs and problems I've already reported before.

Another bug report - Notification system on different platforms
All the problem reported above are still there after 122.36
Notification system is heavily bugged, Always On Display is lazy, cross-platform notifications for some apps are broken and unresponsive.
Asus Do something. Please.

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Same here.
Notifications of messages read from other devices remains on the Zenfone 8.
Telegram notifications do not even disappear when opening the app!! I need to remove them manually.
Also notifications come often delayed, sometimes they arrive when I already have read and answered the message from my computer.
Is some work being done on this issue?

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Found solution on the zenfone subreddit.
It was just a battery optimization flag in battery settings:
DISABLE "background app management" option under settings>battery.

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I still have this issue where I get delayed notifications or notifications only appearing when I open the app. I have missed so many messages from people who then call me and be like "why didn't you answer your message"? Then I open the app and see all the messages come in.
This happens especially for Google Chat but also for WhatsApp (once in a while). I have disabled background app management and have specifically set it so that Google Chat is not shown by this.
I still face this issue.
Someone help on this please.