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(Android 12) Fastboot device not detected in Windows

Hi, I just updated my zenfone 8 to Android 12 firmware (WW-31.1004.0404.81). While ADB continues to work correctly, I found that the driver does not work for Fastboot. The device in Windows device manager is shown as unknown and I found the device ...

frantsy by Star III
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Сообщение от диспетчера загрузки

Периодически приходят сообщения от диспетчера загрузки. Какой файл не удалось загрузить не пойму. Если нажать на сообщение оно исчезает. Если перезагрузить телефон, то при включении появляется сообщение, иногда даже два или три сообщения подряд.


Zenfone 8 - Replace back cover

Hey guys,I need to replace the back cover of my Zenfone 8. I found a store with the needed spare part 90AI0061-R7A010 (sorry I can't post links yet, but it is easy to find with Google).Does someone know if adhesive is already applied or if it needs t...

Android 12 OTA

Hi guys.I just wonder when we can expect OTA for Android 12 and I saw there is a new Version WW-31.1004.0404.81 of Android 12 on Asus support page.Did someone try it and what is changed?

[BUGS] Some Android 12 issues to fix

Hi, I’d like to report some issues with Android 12 on my Zenfone 8. I checked on WW - 31.1004.0404.73 and new system update 31.1004.0404.81 also and it’s still happening. 1) It’s not possible to resize height of some widgets – searching bars (I check...

screenshot-20220102-092125121.jpg screenshot-20220103-165315141.jpg 1641630426404.jpg
adrkli by Star III
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Headphones jack problem

Hi,When I make calls with the headphones jack the device (ASUS shuts off after about 1 minute. I tried with different numbers and headphones jacks but it is always the same.

Can't use Google Pay

It says that my phone is rooted or altered, which it isn't. It's a brand new phone, installed Android 12 straight away. It's a European version bought via Amazon.I cleared the Google Pay cache but it didn't helpSeriously, stuff like this doesn't give...

Control panel lock screen Zenfone 8

Can anyone tell me how to block access to the control panel on my Zenfone 8's lock screen? it is absurd not to have a tool to block this access, anyone can access and turn off Wi-Fi, mobile data and so on.