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Screen go black while still flashlight on

I'm setting my phone to use a flashlight by using a smart key(power button)But suddenly the screen goes black and unresponsive but the flashlight still onThis issue happen twice already but it will settle after i force reboot by pressing ( power but...

Zeddy96 by Star I
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31.1010.0410.61 face unlock problem

Hello.After last update i can't unlock my phone with my face. I can register new face with no problem but on lock screen it search for face and can't find it.Any ideas? Anyone have similar problem?

Tuathe by Star III
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No way to use FM Radio?

Hi,There's no way it seems to use the ZenFone 8's FM Radio on my phone. There's no FM Radio app and I can't find a mention of it anywhere on the phone itself (Latest Android 12 version) It's strange when a feature is advertised and the manual doesn't...

New update 31.1010.041061

Hi, Received this morning.Just wondering why no one mentions it. Am i the only one with this OTA ?

Chris1 by Rising Star II
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Bluetooth malware

Hello,I have a Zenfone 8 and I am very happy with it.Recently, a scan using AVG antivirus is telling me that I have malware in my Bluetooth app. My Bluetooth is hardly ever used apart from when I use my earbuds. Having read what they say it appears t...

Iand by Star I
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Bad network signal level

Hi everyoneI bought my ZenFone 8, 3 days ago.I updated it at the last software and firmware version (android 12)The connection level is extremely bad.Where I was able to receive signal with my old and cheap Huawei now i struggle a lot even to see a v...

Andre88 by Star II
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Activate low brightness DC dimming programmatically?

Hi,like other OLED phones, the ASUS Zenfone 8 suffers from PWM flickering in lower brightness. It can cause fatigue or eye strain, the effect is different from person to person. Dxomark had an article about this issue, google "Flicker, the display af...

Resolved! Barra de Navegação

Queria poder ocultar a barra de navegação quando ativo a navegação por gesto, pois ela atrapalha na vizualização de alguns apps

ZenFone 8 freeze and restart

Hi,I see a lot of closed discussions but no solutions.My ZenFone 8 freeze and restart during a phone call, but only when connected to a 3,5 mm jack headphone set. I have updated software, no temperature issues and have recently rebooted the phone.It ...