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WiFi no longer works (ERROR) after latest update (Android 13)

Excuse me, please help I've been unable to enable WiFi, hotspot/ thethering.Model: Zenfone 8Firmware: 33.0210.0210.326Not rootedFrequency: ConstantSince updating to the latest firmware I've been unable to enable WiFi. I've tried everything short of a...

Safe to update to Android 13?

I usually don't update to the latest firmware immediately until most of the bugs are fixed however it's been almost a year since the A13 update came out but I still see a lot of issues being reported here.Is the current version stable enough that you...

HeLLKiTe by Rising Star I
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USB Diagnostic Mode in Asus Zenfone 8

Hello!I have an Asus Zenfone 8  and I would like to open the USB port in diagnostic mode (DM) without rooting the phone. I know it is Samsung it is possible using a numerical codeThe objective is to use the phone with measurement software (Keysight N...

VoLTE/WiFi calling (in Poland)

Are you planning to include volte service in Poland? Soon they will switch off our 3g and the phone will be thrown away. this is not a small problem. please deal with the polish operators. my operator orange poland says it is your fault and you canno...

How can I unlock the bootloader?

Hey folksThe year 2023 is ending tomorrow. How can I unlock the bootloader of my Zenfone 8 to install an alternative OS and keep the hardware alive? I don't like planned planned obsolescence. Cheers!  

My zenfone8 fingerprint reader doesn't work

As i bought zenfone8 and i knew my phone has this issue. i change my main board to solve this issue and i failed. i did .12345+= and check the sensor already and it says it alright. Is there anything I could do to solve this problem 

Hini by Star I
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Android Auto wireless disconnects

Hi all,I have a Zenfone 8 and a wireless Android Auto dongle (AAwireless). For some reason the Zenphone keeps disconnecting during use. Some times it goes well for half an hour, sometimes it disconnects twice in 5 mins.At least is reconnects within a...

ChrisKo by Star I
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Zenfone 8 Sudden Death

My Zenfone 8 died suddenly when using Google Maps and there is only a black screen with no response even when trying to do a factory reset. It is two months out of warranty. This is my second phone, my first failed 6 months into the warranty. Anyone ...

Question to Zenfone 8 owners - Slight rattling sound?

Hi! I have a question to those of you who have a Zenfone 8 (non flip version). I have one too, and I wondered if the following thing is as it should be or not.There is a slight rattling sound (1) if one shakes the phone (flat side) slightly up and do...