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Scheduled messages

Is there a way to write a text and set it to automatically send at a specific time in the future? I'm not looking for an app that will remind me to do things. I want to schedule and forget about it. Loved that feature on my previous phone.

Button signature. Scale. Question to the ASUS

Hello. I use a translator, so I apologize for the imperfect English. But I hope that you will hear and understand me. The language of my Zenfon 8 is Ukrainian and I really don't like how captions or explanations are implemented in pop-up windows of s...

screenshot-20211111-124241223-1.jpg screenshot-20211111-124150405.jpg screenshot-20211111-124046370.jpg screenshot-20211111-125356398-1.jpg
rigency by Star II
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Zenfone 8 bricked

I purchased an international spec Zenfone 8 ZS590KS from ebay while in the US, delivered early June. I specifically wanted an international one, that was not yet available in the US, because I was moving to europe soon. It just bricked and won't resp...

cowmoo by Star II
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Launch Date in India

Have been following & awaiting the launch of zenfone 8 since july 2021. The launch has been repeatedly postponed, with no fixed date. Can you please confirm the launch date & earliest availability of zenfone 8 in India?

network connectivity issue - requires daily reboot

I recharge my phone overnight, and generally use fingerprint to unlock.But, every morning the initial unlock requires PIN; the unlock screen shows the message PIN is required when you restart your deviceIf I check the system 'up time', it doesn't app...

Zenfone 8 died

I was going through my emails this morning when the display went dark. And that was the death of my new ZF8, barely a month old. Got the RMA slip and now sending it to the service center for repairs. Hopefully, I get it back soon.

My phone just bricked

Everything was ok, I was using my phone, it was on charge with reasonable amount of charge already, and then it just turned off and stopped reacting. No LED indicator on charge, no vibration when I try to turn it on, no RAMPDUMP screen on the turning...

Liana by Star II
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My experiences with the Zenfone 8 and ASUS' support

Hi everyone, just thought I would share my less than ideal experiences with ASUS' support and the Zenfone 8.It actually all started on the day I bought it: the charger was defective due to the port being placed incorrectly meaning I couldn't plug in ...

HomerSp by Star III
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sound after unlock

hi!my new zenfone makes this sound when unlocking. i struggle to turn it off. any ideas on how to do it?i cannot post links yet, so here it is with spaces addedyoutu. be / XfoF8Te7Dgkthanks!

c02 by Star I
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Headset inputs delay

Previous thread was closed, not sure why, as issue was never fixed. Pasting it from over there.One of the issues I have with the phone is that play/pause button on headset has incredible delay, sometimes up to around 10 seconds. It took me some time ...