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Android auto does not work after Android 13 update

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Model Name:  ZenFone 8

Frequency of Occurrence: Every time

Since I have updated my Zenfone 8 to Android 13, Android auto does not work for me. The error message sais, I have tó reconnect phone in another slot, or use different cable. I tried this out, but same error message, Android auto can not connect to car. Are there any fixes? Does anyone faced with similar issue?



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I also have a problem with android 13, android auto won't connect, won't recognize the phone.

problem solved, changing the cable with a data flow of 480 Mbps and 3A helped,

Is it the factory cable, or another one? Factory cable didn't work.

factory no, without name USB_A to USB_C. My car uses port C only for charging.

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I got the same message. I also tried to begin over, forgetting my car. That did not help.