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About to buy Z8, final decision

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Hello guys,
my One plus 3t is about to leave me and I'd love to take a Z8 , since it's more compact, fast and almost stock and I've found it at a great price, well below S21. I don't use gaming on my phone, except for very random plays, I use it a lot for daily productivity and multimedia and as a travel companion for video, camera, gps and my only alternative is the new nord 2 but it's bigger.
I've read extensively the topics about the heating issue and battery performance and I'd like to know if the experience is better after the update WW_30.11.51.103. Some of you said yes, some other say that the experience is still disappointing. The reason I give up with my current phone, which is quite old now, is because it's really heating up and battery is gone, things I don't want to see on a new phone (i'm kinda exagerating).
I thought I could gather some feedbacks here.


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Can't complain about heat at all and my battery life even in 120 Hertz mode is okay, I got 6 hours of screen on time with pretty heavy usage over a good day. Seems fine to me!

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Finally bought the device and I find it's a great piece of kit, love it, it's really comfortable in the hand compared with what I had so far and until now i didn't have any problem of heat or weird battery. the gps, call quality, mobile data, all work great and the camera seems promising.
The form factor is great, really if have to find defects i'd say a little bit narrow, staying below 70mm you'd still have a grip (but I don't know what would happen to screen ratio and size) also I didn't like rounded corners in the screen or the glass metal back, I would have really appreciated the metal to dissipate heat (since wireless charge isn't there).
Surely a negative point is support only 2 years, that is really crazy considering we must be more responsible producers and give support to old items, it's a matter of sustainability. I really hope Asus will confirm 1 more year for at least security updates.

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So, I was using the phone as usual and all of a sudden, the screen went black/blank as if the phone had been turned off.

The next thing I know, the phone boots up to this screen.


I searched online and found that my phone has possibly been bricked. This used to happen with ROG Phone 2. I found a few videos online showing how to fix this in ROG Phone 2 however, I couldn't find anything for the ZenFone 8.

I did find a Reddit post where another user had faced this exact same problem with their ZenFone 8 as well.

Link to the post:

I have no idea what to do now. I bought this phone in July.

I would really appreciate some help.

Thank you!

ZenFone 8 seems to be bricked. I have no idea what to do.
before buying, read and make conclusions.

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before buying, read and make conclusions.

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i'm afraid he bought it already 😅