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The ZenFone 8_WW_30.11.51.103 update just rolled out today! What are your guy's thoughts on the improvements?



  • big battery differcence

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    Has the battery been improved??? Or what do you mean?

    Has anything being improved ?

    One thing that i noticed is that Wifi-range is much worse now then before the update.

  • It's added HD Voice, one of the most important changes (however not mentioned in changelog).

  • On the first cycle after full charging I don't see any improvement. It still very bad ... :(

    Battery on this phone is the weakest point!

  • 18hrs is full day so not bad, but sot looks really poor. My is doing 2 days with 6-7 hrs sot during them.

  • Каждый раз улучшения, но батарея так и тает на глазах....

  • but how? I don't want to limit my phone and I have all the options turned on.

  • He meant that each time there are "battery improvement/optimizations" in changelog, but in reality nothing is changed (still bad battery behavior).

  • Battery remains to seem pretty weak after this update, but time might reveal a difference in power consumption. Also, my ZF8 randomly rebooted (crashed?) this morning when I was simply browsing like normal!

  • Weird, I got the update but call quality is still terrible. Also, I do not have the HD icon during the call.

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    Marked difference in battery life. It is actually hard to believe.

    For the first time since buying the device, it is cool to the touch after lying idle in an air conditioned room. Before this update it was always slightly warm. Now you can actually feel the coldness of the metal frame.

    I am not a heavy user, but with about 2 hours screen time before this update, I would never be able to reach the end of the day without charging. After the update, with the same light usage, I am now (7:57pm) at 74% (down from 90% this morning), with the battery usage screen showing 1 day 19 hours left to go - absolutely science fiction compared to anything I experienced with this phone so far.

    There are new stability issues with the WiFi connection, as the one of the first posters here mentioned, it has become unreliable. I hope they get that fixed too.

  • First cycle won't give you an accurate idea

    After an update the battery tends to drain faster

    Check in subsequent cycles if there's any improvement

  • Mine is also very cooler to the touch and idle drain significantally reduced with last update.

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    I use advenced mode with 60 Hz refresh rate, low CPU and GPU, medium RAM and thermal limit and i noticed improvment in battery drain in that mode after this update. Though I do not see HD voice icon VoLTE neither. I have Orange PL.

  • I can find a minor change in the temperature, it's a little bit cooler. It doesn't drain the battery so much as well. But unfortunately, for me the VoLTE and VoWiFi doesn't work at my operator (Telekom HU) since this update, which worked on the previous version. Do you know the reason, why were they removed, or it's just a bug?

  • Orange PL hasn't volte (option activated but no certificate). HD Voice is enabled after the update and that's enough for me.

    I have all options turned on in auto mode. In the range of the 4G network, I have a battery consumption of about 1% per 1 hour of standby network and about 1.4% per 1 hour of [android system + inactive phone + google play services + android operating system]. In total, consumption is 2.4% per hour. It is far too much. Phone in my pocket for 20h uses 50% of the battery. That's why my SOT is about 2.5 hours per 1 day. It looks very bad.

  • But how come that other mobile phones does not drop so much battery when not using it.

    But asus zenfone 8 drain so much, how come ?

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    Today's situation. Dear Asus, can you comment on this? phone eligible for service? it looks like a software bug.

    CC @Gustav_ASUS

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