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zenfone 8 flip last hope need help

Star II

got my Zenfone 8 flip from amazon Germany in (Oct 2021) worked for one month then my phone screen went black after it went to sleep at night when it was charging i heard the alarm after that nothing and everything works flash camera when i use the volume buttons but nothing on screen waited for battery to drain and charge again nothing also. Charging light indictor shows the phone charge fine and its even vibrates when i try the hard restart method after that i have put in the drawer for almost 5 to 6 months (mid 2022) after that tried to charge it and give it a try and surprisingly the screen worked am shocked used it for a day with no sim card  i have just updated the OS  and apps and backed up my videos and images after one day of use it went black again after it went to sleep at night same as first time 🙂 and went back to the drawer can someone tell me what should i fix what causing the screen to go black like that ? its really a good phone but it does not sold in my region and ASUS here in my country cannot help me but i want to know the cause and buy parts for it and fixed in local shops.

i tried also connecting the device to my pc but i don't remember well but i think i could not do anything do usb debugger in developers mode was not on or something like that and screen have password lock which do not work.


is the problem in screen sensor ? is the screen it self when in goes in deep sleep after long period no used and does not wake up ? is something else easy to fix ? please help if its happened to you or you have experince and give me hint to what to look for.


thanks in advance


Star II

My first thought is the cable for the screen has disconnected. If you think of a normal computer it's much the same. I think any android phone shop could open it up and reconnect it.

The fact it came back on is what I would expect from this. A bad sensor doesn't do this. Fractured chips or faulty circuits will usually come on when phone cools down or if graphics chip you would see odd artifacts.

I could be wrong of course but I'd say 80% chance it's just the cable from board to screen. Definitely worth giving a phone store $100 to fix.


The actual condition of your phone needs to be verified by the service center to determine this. Therefore, we would recommend you to send it for repair. But if there is no repair center available in your location, perhaps you can start by inspecting the motherboard of the phone. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.