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There is a lot of potential on the battery.

Star III

I just wanted to share my latest battery chart because i have gotten really good durability on last 24h and probably can go for another 24h.

I've enabled "power saver" on developer options and haven't used wifi or bluetooth. Wifi at least seems to use more battery than mobile network (4g).

Also i don't use any social media so that probably boost my battery to a some degree.

I hope Asus gets this kind of battery life without going to developer settings because, at least for me, power saver there boost battery life a lot more than any of asus's own battery saver options.

I did manage two full days with one charge and could go over 6 hours of SOT. This is the kind of durability i expected from this phone out of the box. Hopefully android 12 brings more optimisation on the battery.