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[Flip] Custom priority on conversations notifications + more issues

Star II
Hey there! I just wanted to check in with the forum with some issues I found since I got the 8 Flip a couple of months ago.
-Custom priority conversation notifications show make other notifications pop up instead of themselves: I set up a WhatsApp contact as a conversation with priority: this means that the notification is separated from the other Whatsapp messages, has its own icon etc. The issue is that if I already have a notification (I'd have to double check but I'm pretty sure it has to be from Whatsapp too), then the old (non priority) notifications shows up again when the new (priority) message arrives. When I expand the notification tray I can then see the new message too. On that note, a minor issue is that sometimes the custom notification icon is applied to the other WhatsApp notification, and vice-versa.
-Notification LED doesn't respond to custom settings: on WhatsApp you can set up custom LED lights for notifications coming from group chats, private chats or even specific contacts. This feature is a bit bugged at the moment but I'm not sure whether it's the app's fault or the phone's. It looks like WhatsApp tries to apply these settings, the LED gets green for the specific contact I chose, but then it goes to yellow instead of white for other conversations or even applies green again to them too (when other notifications aren't there, of course, so no ambiguity is present).
-Screen forced at full brightness after unlocking with fingerprint: this has happened to me three or four times, I think that if you get the correct timing when unlocking the phone with your fingerprint the whole screen is forced to max brightness (which was already set for the fingerprint sensor portion of the screen) and it can't be adjusted with the slider. To go back you just need to lock the phone and unlock it again, hoping it doesn't get stuck again after unlocking.

I hope these issues can be resolved during the next updates, I know some are very niche problems but I'm sure they would make a lot of people's day!