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Rising Star I

All stupid things I had done just to bring back my phone to life but nothing happens, it was all started when A13 update, my wifi won't connect/open, hotspot is error and my camera won't flip. All my media files are corrupted when I transferred my media files to my SD card prior since I need to downgrade this stupid shiiiit to A 12 since all I can see solutions here is to downgrade my phone to A 12, my mistake because when I downgraded this phone to A 12 nothing happens, still the camera won't flip/retract and wifi and hotspot are not working. Common ASUS, what are you doing these past few weeks? My phone is not working properly due to your stupid update and it's been month since my phone won't connect to wifi and it's causing me much using cellular data. How long gonna take for you to fix our phones? How long we going to wait? ASUS, what brand should I replace on this shiitt for me not encouter these problem again, tell me ASUS!!! Tell me how your stupid software issues will be good for us to continue purchasing your product, give me good reason ASUS!!! 



Hi @ZT-f8a9bf81 ,

we apologize for the inconvenience caused and we have asked for more details from you in the private message section. Kindly take a look and get back to us.

Thank you!

Stop, you're not being helpful, shut up!!!

Star II

All that ZT-f8a9bf81 said its true and it's happening to me to ! And you guys just dont care, simply!... It's sad but the truth is that i'm already looking to buy a new phone cause solutions without having to downgrade are zero and even the downgrade doenst work ahah this is all a joke and the only thing i'm mad is that here i thought i buy and expensive phone to not give me problems and what do i get? problemmmssss 😄


Hi, sorry for the inconvenience that may caused.

We already send you a messege to confirm the issue.

Please kindly check the PM box at the top right corner.

Thank you.