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Android Security Update Policy

What is the update policy, from Asus, regarding Android's security updates, for the 8 Flip? Does Asus guarantee a certain amount of updates, such as every other month for 2 years, every month for 3 years, etc. More and more Android headset manufactur...

Finger print and face recognition not functioning properly.

I've had an issue with finger print and face recognition on my Zenfone 8 flip. Both not functioning properly. I'm signed with mine 4 fingers to unlock device, but when I'm try to unlock with another fingers, it can unlock too..and my son can unlock w...

Budak by Star I
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My messenger app in zenfone 8 flip stop working, IDK if you also encountering this problem, any help?

Remote Shutter with Zenfone 8 flip

When I can get my remote shutter t paid with my Asus zenfone 8 flip, it does not activate the selfie cam, but tilts the cam instead. This is with the default camera app. with any other third party camera app, the remote shutter fob works fine. I ...

Dawn2 by Star I
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Need update/upgrade camera app.

Picture take from Zenfone 8 flip camera not as expected. Not really nice, sharp or detail. As well as for selfie camera, it become really worse like using 2mp or 5mp camera.. Auto mode using tripod. Left: Poco f3, right: Zenfone 8 flip.Im believe Ze...

Budak by Star I
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Bluetooth remote shutter not working with Zenfone 8

Hi,With all my previous Zenfones I could bluetooth-link a remote shutter to take selfies or photos etc, however with my new Zenfone 8 the same remote does not work (it connets but when I press it nothing happens). Switching it to my zenfone 6 works. ...

Camera problem or android 12 bug?

Hi. First, my camera can't touch this button,if i touch that my camera will stuck. Second, my camera selfie works fine but still cannot touch that button. But, when it comes to video call, and face recognition my camera flip,but it do not detect face...


Unstable System

Hello, The System on the Zenfone 8 flip became unstable since the last update. For the first time (since turning on in July 2021.y.) it often restart itself. All the best