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ZenFone 8 Flip - Bootloop after update

I initiated a system update and after the my phone restarted (for the update), it's stuck in a bootloop.After I enter my SIM PIN, the screen will flash once or twice and then restart. Upon restart, I'm told my data is corrupted and I have the choice ...

Zenfone 8 flip camera not opens

Hi, I need some help. Camera not possible to flip/open by front-back button. If I use angles all works properly. Same situation with calibration from settings menu. All smooth. What could be the reason and how to solve it? Mechanics of camera should ...

Camera problem in Android 12.

Hello,Since my ZenFone 8 flip is under Android 12 I have problems with the camera, almost every time I want to use it it freezes (the image) then changes the camera for the wide angle.I also have the problem in the applications that use it, the image...

Zenfone 8 flip

Bisa ga audio wizard di update jadi souround Hi res saya menggunakan audio tanpa blutod/converter, tapi bawaan dari hp terimakasaih to Android 12

I have recently had my phone back from repair (ramdump followed by a fingerprint sensor issue). Before the repair my phone was running A12. The phone has been returned to me with A11 WW firmware which ASUS say cannot be upgraded to A12 (o...

Zenfone 8 flip already DEAD.

One day, I was taking a photo with 8 flip. It was freezed and then shut down. So I have tried to press power bottons but nothing. My Phone could not start. I've tried to press soft reset with vol.down and power bottons.. same again couldnot start...T...

USB tethering doesn't work.

I can't enable usb tethering on any computer i have tried. I have tried different cables and tried to force this on developer settings but it just doesn't work. Option to enable tethering is grayed out always.How can i fix this or is this bug?


I hope you keep the flip camera in ZenFone 9

Hello,Will you keep the flip camera in a variant in the upcoming ZenFone 9 models?It was the single criterion that made me choose Asus phones.If you were to abandon it, I am afraid a bunch of users like me will no longer be interested.Even in the cas...

Nawfal by Star I
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Zenfone 8 flip cannot send or receive calls. Instantly hangs up.

My zenfone 8 flip's calls were working about a week ago before it stopped working. I made sure that all settings on my phone did not disrupt my calls. My messages and internet was working before I talked to at&t, my network provider, and they said th...

Kylexig by Star I
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