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Any Long term user for Zenfone 8 flip?

Star I

Currently this phone caught my interest, any real user review here? What's the pros and cons, how's the haptic, day 2 day battery, heat during light gaming (not genshin those).


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I've been using the 8 flip for a year now, it's been great at the beginning but now it's already showing many issues. Haptics were bad from day 1, unfortunately that is bound to happen when you put moving parts in a phone. However, it never bothered me that much as the flip module is definitely worth it (I didn't buy this phone for this feature but I noticed I used it more than I initially thought). What is awful these days is the battery life, as it seems like Asus is not able to pinpoint an issue with "Others" taking more than 30-40% of the overall battery consumption with no real way of limiting that (you can check my post history, I created a thread and got lots of views but no mod showed up to help). This has recently become an issue with the Zenfone 9 and the Rog Phone lineup too, so I would stay away from Asus phones altogether.