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ASUS ZenFone 8 Flip - Proximity sensor issue

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I am facing an issue that is actually driving me crazy and makes me regret buying the phone. Seems that at some point I received an update that made my proximity sensor malfunction and since then I can't get rid of it.
The issue is that the sensor acts like it is near something at all times. The implications that I noticed are:
Camera won't flip in main camera app since the phone thinks that it is near something due to the faulty sensor - this makes the selfie functionality to be a pain - attached screenshot with the message I get when I try to flip the camera to selfie

In phone calls, the screen turns off instantly since it thinks I am holding it to my ear - however, this feature can be turned off
In whatsapp voice calls my phone becomes unusable since it won't react to power button click - basically the screen is off while in the call and there is nothing I can do about it, I can't even hang up
The pocket mode function is not working properly ->disabled, I can live without it
What I tried until now:
Formatting my phone - no result, the issue is still there
Upgrading to Android 12 - no result, the issue is still there
I'll attach software information below. Any help would be appreciated, this is driving me crazy. Thanks!


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This sounds like a hardware issue to me. Mine is working perfectly. Maybe start a warranty RMA with Asus.

I have the same issue! It's so frustrating! I'm sorry I don't have a solution yet, however I found a way to still get the camera to flip, although it's not as quick and convenient as it would be if the phone was functioning properly. Go to Quick Angle number 1 and then use the volume keys to make the camera go all the way into selfie position. You can save this as a user-defined quick angle, and just tap number 1 every time you want to take a selfie. When you're in third-party apps you will have to use the flip camera toolbar to do this, and tap the selfie icon to put the image right-side up. Hopefully this will only have to be a temporary solution and Asus will address this issue. I have found a few others on the internet who have the same issue.
Let me know if you find a solution or some way to override the proximity sensor.

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same thing with me after updating to android 12.

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Same issue here in PL. Occured not rapidly after Android 12 update but 1 or 2 weeks after.
1. Not flipping. Mostly annoying in other aps as camera itself could be handled as described above. But it's just opposite Way to smooth flip idea...
2. Calling makes me mad due to this proximity madness.
3. I made callibration of camera from settings menu which actually went without any trouble. Camera flipped automaticly, saved posdition and again doesn't work in aication.
4. Same proximity test faliure.

Is there now, in April any option to solve it? Or just RMA. Format not helps. I don't want to flash my data again. But I want to have 100% ready device.
For me is rather software issue as mechanically camera rides well.