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Any car holders you use for this phone?

Hi,Anyone has any good experience with a car phone holder to fit this rather large phone?I don't want to use any magnetic ones and the gravity holder I currently have presses on the power button when I put it in. I've looked around but most holders a...

teegee by Star III
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Android 12 "stable"

Hello, I am posting this message to ask the asus teams, if it would be possible to add all the new features of Android 12 to their ZenFone 8 and 8 flip.I don't understand why this update is being offered with less the most interesting new features of...

Speaker doesn't work while calling

Hi there!!!I am Farhad from Western Steel Agency, i have been calling my clients and i am not able to hear on my phone speaker. it would great if you look into this matter urgently and reply.Thanks!

Camera does not flip after recent update

Hi, I have some issues with my ZenFone 8 Flip. After a recent update, my camera stopped flipping. I have tried to clear camera app data so far, with no result. Note that the rotation engine still works on the manual mode. I only have problems when I...

screenshot-20211202-101512928.jpg screenshot-20211202-101525797.jpg
COSS by Star I
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AppLock doesn't work

Recently I bought the ZenFone 8 flip and have tried to block some app access, however, in the version doesn't show the apps to selection as the last ones.I tried to use the same function with a Kapersky and doesn't work in the system.Today I did the ...


VoLTE on malaysia PLS TAKE NOTES

as we know,malaysia 3g will be fully shutdown on december end of this years,but on ASUS ZENFONE 8 OR ZENFONE 8 FLIP only support VoLTE on MAXIS AND UMOBILE THIS TWO TELCO...how about YES YTL,DIGI AND CELCOM?EVEN my cheap redmi note 9s can support all...

ASUS Zenfone 8 Flip 5G compatibility.

So, I am ready to buy a new phone but there's this website I saw where the seller states that the 8 Flip does not support T-Mobile's 5G network which I'm confused as to why? So, my question is for those in the U.S. and a T-Mobile carrier and the 8 Fl...

Nasgul by Star I
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