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There is a lot of potential on the battery.

Hi. I just wanted to share my latest battery chart because i have gotten really good durability on last 24h and probably can go for another 24h.I've enabled "power saver" on developer options and haven't used wifi or bluetooth. Wifi at least seems to...

screenshot-20211109-163305958.jpg screenshot-20211110-093118770.jpg

SD card has not works properly.

When I playing music in SD,it has often be break off and transferring files between internal storage to SD card,phone has be freezing.

I found a solution for Fingerprint problem

Hi guys, i accidentally found a solution for fingerprint problem for my Asus Zenfone 8 Flip… i accidentally turned on "glove mode" and problems suddenly solved. You can find the settings fromSettings -> Advanced -> Glove mode.Hope it can help

When can I actually see one

I went to buy a new ZenFone 8 flip from JB hi-fi in Melbourne Australia today and they said that I could purchase one no problemo but I couldn't see a display device!!!I thought hmmmm strange so I went to a different JB hi-fi and same story. Apparent...

Roystoys by Zen Master III
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Camera Battery Drain After October Update

Model Name: Asus ZenFone 8 FlipFirmware Version: or not: Not RootedFrequency of Occurrence: Every time APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Asus Stock Camera AppThe update was successful and is updated to the l...

Local back-up Zen Fone 8 Flip

Dear all may I kindly ask you what is the best external memory to be used on the Zen Fone 8 Flip to have a local back up? (Brand and model) The file of back up can be protected by password or encrypted once is done? In other words if someone steal th...

Help me, i reset my phone and now is corrupted

Would anyone provide me raw firmware to flash via fastboot? or any workaround to fix this?I try everything to no avail and i just bought this phone but cant use it.I cant go to SC since my hometown is so far from nearst SC.Thank you

My Zenfone 8 Flip somehow bricked

Can anyone please share raw firmware or anything that i can flash via fasboot manually? Because the SC is so far away from where i am living. Thank you