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Request for "Material You" support on Asus phones running Android 12.

Star III
Hello, I would like to know if it is planned that phones running Android 12 can take advantage of Material you.
Because for the moment it is very little aesthetic and even rather ugly, especially the home page 1 with the widget blocked on the green color.
A lot of user interfaces are stuck on the color green because material you is not available which prevents you from changing these colors.
Wouldn't it be possible to at least offer a system that will at least allow the colors to be changed, not necessarily depending on the background?
Thank you in advance if an administrator replies to this message.

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Star III
I forgot to point out that the color setting in the settings only changes very little interface elements, which is a real shame.

Community Legend III
@The Raimstor Material You was launched as an Android 12 feature exclusive to Pixel devices, which is why it's not part of our Android 12 release. As for what might happen in the future, I can't say right now. Thanks for your feedback though!

Star III
Material you is no longer a Google exclusive, would it not be possible that in the future this functionality could be integrated or at least an alternative ?

Star II
Yes it coule ne great, and you removed Asus ZenUi style which was present on thé older asus phone (such as zenfone 5 and 6) which was (and still ils) a good way to personalise our phone, but this feature is no longer on our Zenfone 8/8flip.
And as a previous screenshot, from Display -> Style , we can only change few colors, only 3 text style, and the shape of the apps (the last one very good). But we can have unic logo and global color style as we had on the zenUi app, and this Material You feature from android 12 can bring some of this back, so it would be great to include it in the next update, sooner the better.