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Official Unlock tool not working for Zenfone 7

Star II

After downloading official Unlock tool from ASUS Website amd attempting to unlock my ZenFone 7 device. I keep getting error: Failed to unlock your device. Please try again later [24802]

Can admins clarify if it is temporary issue with unlock server or unlocking has been disabled permanently?


Star III

It's been a month since I bought a new phone.
It's already August and I can't do anything.
it's terrible 😥

Rising Star II

Please restore the tool as soon as possible. Official Unlock bootloader tool is the reason why I purchased ASUS device, but now I found out that it cannot be working .ASUS did not inform users in advance, which is very regrettable.

Long wait...

Star III

They said that the tool will get released in September or October, we are almost at the end of October,now what they will push it to November? We want some updates,we are all tired of waiting.

Star II

So called Q3 Unlock Bootloader waitlist ,is not include Zenfone 7 series. so sad.
I have been dailed to Asus hotline and recieved this bad news .