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Android 13 ZenFone 7 Pro

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Hello! I saw that the ZenFone 8 Flip received the update to Android 13 and I saw that they put in some very cool features like system preferences where you can customize how you want the interface to look. I think it's a brilliant option because I personally don't like how the quick settings panel looks on android 12, and in 13 you can make it look like android 11. Also, the update to system modes and game genie is very useful. There are some features that I say the ZenFone 7 deserves too, considering that the ZenFone 8 flip is after all the exact same phone with updated hardware, the ZenFone 7 pro should also get android 13 because it was still a very expensive phone and the other brands like Samsung have updated S20 to android 13 already (which is 6 months older than ZenFone 7 and came with android 10 too). So will android 13 come to ZenFone 7 Pro?


The difference is that other brands offer more support for their products, and what a model gets, the previous model gets too. Don't you think it's a joke to spend so much money on a phone and in just 8 months to be released another one with updated hardware at the same price and the previous one not to receive anything important? ZenFone 7 and 8 flip, both had android 11 at the time, a lot of people complained that ZenFone 7 pro didn't have volte, many asked to activate, they didn't care and only activated volte on 8 flip, a bunch of volte updates, was it hard to activate on 7 pro too? or did they expect you to upgrade to 8 flip just for that? To give other 700-800€ just for that. And now this with android 13, the difference between 7 pro and 8 flip is 8-9 months, it's the same phone, why won't it also get android 13 considering it's the same phone and just 8 months "older". S20 is 1 year and 1-2 months older than Z8 flip! I've only had asus phones and I've been very happy with them, but I think I'm going to move to Samsung because the support is much more better at the same price🥲

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The life cycle is only 18 months, which has always been Asus' policy. It has been for at least the last five years.

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kikoly has it laid out for you: Based on ASUS' policy, the life cycle for its phone lineups has been only 18 months (or 1.5 years) for the last few years, and ASUS had promised only 2 major OS updates during its life cycle. With the ZenFone 7 series launched in Android 10, it's expected that A12 would be the last OS version for it, unfortunately.
It's costly and time-consuming to maintain the software/firmware, so small phone manufacturers like ASUS (yes, ASUS is a really, really small player in the phone market, like <1%) won't want to spend more money to extend the software support and maintain these older models, which could barely generate any cashflow for them. Only larger brands like the fruit brand, Samsung, Xiaomi, and OPPO or companies with lots of cash like Google would have the extra resources to provide software support for an extended period. This is just one of the cons that you would normally find in products from any smaller phone manufacturers.

Only a complete fool would write such an answer. Even the Chinese smartphone Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro with the same hardware and weaker hardware than this model received Android 13, Samsung, Pixel update their smartphones for 4 years. And Asus, having released complete **bleep** in the form of Asus ZenFone 8 - 9, while killing the Pro line, cannot update the best model in the line. The smartphone is three years old, even a little less, and they are doing such nonsense.

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And so if you look at everything that they are doing with marketers, with not correct working normal promising gadgets, it is not surprising that the mobile division is now in the ass. Releasing complete crap on the quality of video shooting of the 9th model, I am already silent. And I haven’t started yet about their laptops with AMOLED screens, from which the head hurts, tears flow from the eyes, because there is wild PWM.