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Android 13 ZenFone 7 Pro

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Hello! I saw that the ZenFone 8 Flip received the update to Android 13 and I saw that they put in some very cool features like system preferences where you can customize how you want the interface to look. I think it's a brilliant option because I personally don't like how the quick settings panel looks on android 12, and in 13 you can make it look like android 11. Also, the update to system modes and game genie is very useful. There are some features that I say the ZenFone 7 deserves too, considering that the ZenFone 8 flip is after all the exact same phone with updated hardware, the ZenFone 7 pro should also get android 13 because it was still a very expensive phone and the other brands like Samsung have updated S20 to android 13 already (which is 6 months older than ZenFone 7 and came with android 10 too). So will android 13 come to ZenFone 7 Pro?


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Zenfone 7 Pro has no plans to update to Android 13.

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I agree, support for this device is big disappointment if they are not going to upgrade for Android 13. I'm pretty happy with phone as such, with its config if can serve for many years but ASUS strategy will force me to migrate elsewhere during this year. I was thinking to go for Zenfone 9 or wait for 2023 models but having just 2 major updates...sorry, fruit devices are properly supported almost a decade so why not ASUS...???

exactly, and the fact that zenfone 8 flip got android 13 and 7 pro no, it's very sad because it's EXACTLY THE SAME PHONE, only it has snapdragon 888 instead of 865+, everything else is identical. Furthermore, 8 flip was released after only 9 MONTHS after 7 pro, so they focused more on 8 flip than on 7 pro (they made a lot of updates while on 7 they didn't, a bunch of volte updates came on the 8 flip, on the 7 nothing) which seems very bad to me because if I had known, I wouldn't have paid so much money on the 7 pro, I would have waited a little longer and bought the z8 flip.

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If "knowledge early" is the main factor for buying a mobile phone, then most of the functions of future models will be better than the current ones. In this way, don’t buy any phone.

Buy early and enjoy early.