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A11 major problems with Gmail notifications

Rising Star II
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After updating to A11 I started to see major issues with the battery optimizations, mostly on Gmail app, but once I started to investigate I see it overall. Email notification come with hours , if not tens of hours delay , which was not the case on A10. I noticed that even whether app is not updating in timely fashion.
It looks like phone goes to hibernate and not resumes for notification only once in a couple of hours if not more. Strangely but whatsapp is working fine. I have disabled all battery optimizations and I saw some improvements but not that good as in A10. Yesterday for instance, I lost a couple of important emails since they Gmail App only synchronized once in 10 hours....which is unacceptable.
Factory reset does not help since I have done it at least 7 times due to various issues since A11 update a week ago...

Please help!!!! I don't know what else to look for!
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Rising Star II
Yeah the miracle of notifications lasted less than a day. I started again the reboot dance....

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So, still nothing found at ASUS ?
I'm really losing hope and I'm starting to look for a replacement by the end of the year if Android 12 does not fix this...

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I am waiting for the new Pixel...I have lost hope long time ago....I am rebooting the phone every morning has become a routine...

Rising Star I

I am waiting for the new Pixel...I have lost hope long time ago....I am rebooting the phone every morning has become a routine...

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At least rebooting works for you, for me it does not work anymore so I'm stuck with some apps never updating in the background, that I have to update by launching them myself.

Rising Star II
could you try to lock the affected apps in the task manager by long pressing and choosing them to lock?? I don't think it will help but it's one of the things I did in the past
I was also affected by this issue but since last update I haven't rebooted the phone yet as there was no need to do so at all (uptime 14+days ATM)
I also added these apps into the OptiFlex list but I don't have them included anymore
I think you all have these obvious features set as follows:
battery=> battery mode => performance
battery => autorun manager enabled
battery => App hibernation disabled
battery => Adaptive battery disabled
battery optimizations disabled also for Google Play Services and Framework
I hope I didn't forget any other obvious settings which would potentionally cause delayed/not showing notifications