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A11 major problems with Gmail notifications

Rising Star II
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After updating to A11 I started to see major issues with the battery optimizations, mostly on Gmail app, but once I started to investigate I see it overall. Email notification come with hours , if not tens of hours delay , which was not the case on A10. I noticed that even whether app is not updating in timely fashion.
It looks like phone goes to hibernate and not resumes for notification only once in a couple of hours if not more. Strangely but whatsapp is working fine. I have disabled all battery optimizations and I saw some improvements but not that good as in A10. Yesterday for instance, I lost a couple of important emails since they Gmail App only synchronized once in 10 hours....which is unacceptable.
Factory reset does not help since I have done it at least 7 times due to various issues since A11 update a week ago...

Please help!!!! I don't know what else to look for!
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Zen Master I

Finished trying...same thing as well in safe mode....

As I said before before I opened this thread I tried everything: factory reset once direct after update...then noticed something wrong with the splendid app and I did another one. After that I loaded all my apps again and let it run...after a couple of days once I lost some emails I started to notice the notifications issue. So I did another factory reset. Then downgraded to A10 and let it run for a couple of days and all was fine. Updated again to 11, factory reset again after upgrade, load apps and since then the story with the after multiple factory reset, the issue is still there...

On A10 with the same apps and usage all works fine. With A11 for a while, with all battery optimizations off, the notifications are coming...after a while it stops...and I see that the apps are not refreshing ..them are killed and never you have to go through all your apps to start them again....but at some point them stop again...and I loose again notifications ... Reboot helps for a while but not always ...

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Okay mate... Well, if I were in the same situation, the next thing I might try is to disable system and pre-installed google apps ( won't disable the ones that are critical for the functioning of the device) one by one just to check if someone is the culprit... Also, I will try to uninstall the updates if possible... But I guess thats a lot of work...
BTW, did the latest update (WW_30.41.69.78) bring any improvements ?

Rising Star II
I don't want to be too optimistic but it seems to be to be better now or at least when compared to previous experience, take this example:
after last update I had to reboot 9 or 10 times during that day to get notifications back for affected apps (I had to reboot the phone each time I found out the notifications weren't delivered) and since then it worked fine (I didn't reboot the whole time) for I don't know how many days
this time after the update I'm still getting notifications so we'll see 🙂

Rising Star I
Latest update did not change anything on my side for affected apps (mostly Gmail, Play Store and Weather), even after the update's reboot none of these app would update in the background, thus no notifications...
For now I had to add my Gmail accounts to Outlook, at least this app works perfectly. But I still have to check for apps updates manually and launch the weather app often to update the widget..
Now all I can hope is an Android 12 beta program to see if things get fixed, I'm losing hope and starting to look for another phone to switch to in a few months.

Rising Star II
With disabled battery optimizations some days is going some are not...As martin said above I am rebooting till the notifications work. I had to do it yesterday a few it is going ( but usually in few days it stops...) I will see in the next days ...

Zen Master III

I received OTA update, but no fix at all for notifications. So I moved to OmniRom, and no more issues on my side :

I will maybe revert back to Asus ROM once they fixed all this stuff. If they fix it one day.

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Don't hold your breath