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A11 major problems with Gmail notifications

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After updating to A11 I started to see major issues with the battery optimizations, mostly on Gmail app, but once I started to investigate I see it overall. Email notification come with hours , if not tens of hours delay , which was not the case on A10. I noticed that even whether app is not updating in timely fashion.
It looks like phone goes to hibernate and not resumes for notification only once in a couple of hours if not more. Strangely but whatsapp is working fine. I have disabled all battery optimizations and I saw some improvements but not that good as in A10. Yesterday for instance, I lost a couple of important emails since they Gmail App only synchronized once in 10 hours....which is unacceptable.
Factory reset does not help since I have done it at least 7 times due to various issues since A11 update a week ago...

Please help!!!! I don't know what else to look for!
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After continued talk with our devs, they're no longer 100% sure it's only google issue so I've asked @fear_dot_com_2000 and @Stematique to test the latest Gmail version, 2021.05.02.373487627.Release and provide more details and logs if the new version doesn't solve their issue

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So can you just confirm that the calendar app issue and the Gmail issue are,or were two separate notifications bugs please. I do know that this post,s topic is Gmail notifications...
It's just that the calendar app bug SEEMS to be resolved ?

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Actually i found different ppl out there struggling with this problem, not only asus customers.
Just checked play store comments and there are plenty of ppl with notifications problems. All comments i read are dated recently, mainly May 2021:
Google support points to a generic troubleshooting page:
It can be worth giving a try.
As for me i disabled all battery saving related options, and gmail has been working ok for 2-3 days. I still have GMail v2021.05.02.373487627, downloaded as soon it was released a couple of weeks ago.
As far as i know at least it seems AsusA11 rollaout is not the main cause , probably its a mix of Gmail Code+Android11 generale release; assured the fact with A10 i had no problems at all.

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So I turned back on the battery optimizations. I will reply in few days after tests... So far the gmail is working, but I am waiting to see how other notifications are working

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Second day with the battery optimizations on and I started not to receive emails on time ( unless I start the phone ). I will log everything and send it to Anders...
Correction: I am getting the emails...but with at least one hour delay...I am still keeping an eye on it.

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For me, I'm using that RSS app :
And even without battery optimisations, I'm not receiving notifications. Can anyone else try ? On my girlfriend Nokia there is no issue with notifications for this app.
Regarding Google Calendar, I've updated to latest version... I will check on next days if it's fixed... as you are all saying. Thanks