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A11 major problems with Gmail notifications

Rising Star II
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After updating to A11 I started to see major issues with the battery optimizations, mostly on Gmail app, but once I started to investigate I see it overall. Email notification come with hours , if not tens of hours delay , which was not the case on A10. I noticed that even whether app is not updating in timely fashion.
It looks like phone goes to hibernate and not resumes for notification only once in a couple of hours if not more. Strangely but whatsapp is working fine. I have disabled all battery optimizations and I saw some improvements but not that good as in A10. Yesterday for instance, I lost a couple of important emails since they Gmail App only synchronized once in 10 hours....which is unacceptable.
Factory reset does not help since I have done it at least 7 times due to various issues since A11 update a week ago...

Please help!!!! I don't know what else to look for!
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Rising Star II
I just tested mine with a garmin fenix 3 hr that I wear. I am getting no notification at all from calendar, same as for mobile...

Rising Star II
Adding to the list, I don't get notifications from instagram app too. I think there are a lot if apps thst don't sent notifications anymore, but I really don't have time to track them all

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I don't use IG at all so can't confirm that but there are definitely more apps which suffer from this, could it be somehow related to how the notifications are handled in these apps?? I don't know how notifications work in Android but could it be that some apps use GPServices to show notifications and some use different approach??
I mentioned a few posts above that I haven't faced that issue for quite a long time but that's not true anymore as I had to reboot my device twice last two days to get the notifications working

Rising Star II
Yeah I've noticed my IG notifications are either not working or lagged.
Also, SMS notifications seem to come only when I wake up the phone after a deep sleep. Like say I've left it overnight and then look at my phone in the morning when I wake up, only then will the phone alert me of the SMS messages I received hours before. Although I need to test the validity of this observation.
And I've got the same issue as skipwoof above in that notifications are sent to my Huawei watch (paired with BT) which don't appear on the phone until I wake it up or not even at all.

Zen Master III
Has anyone come up with a fix for this problem/ bug yet??