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Вылетают приложения

Star I
Вчера на моем смартфоне была установлена версия android 12.
После данного обновления приложения перестали работать корректно.
Помогите решить проблему.

Rising Star I
All of the installed applications? It is common for some apps to not work well when a system update is done , but this problem could be addressed by updating that app too - if any update is available, in this case optimized for Android 12. Normally it shouldn't be a problem for the majority of the previous installed apps but probably you have to try to update the apps too, as it seems to be a compatibility issue. Otherwise, you should backup all of your stored data and files and either factory reset the smartphone or get the downgrade to Android 11 from Asus. In both scenarios you have to keep in mind that you have to reinstall all the apps you previously had.

Rising Star II
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