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Aktualizacja Androida 12

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Wczoraj zaktualizowałem swojego Asusa ZenFona 7 Pro i się zaczęło. Telefon wiesza się, mrozi aplikacje, działa jakby był czymś bardzo obciążony. Czarny ekran. Jak wrócić do 11? Albo jak rozwiązać tą irytująca sytuację?

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First of all, be gentle to the other users ant try to speak in English (even by using Google Translator) . And I am done with "patronizing" now 🙂
At any time you can download the "downgrade (zip) file" to Android 11 from the Asus website. Keep in mind that this action will erase all of your data previously stored - and this could be painful if you cannot backup. You can try meanwhile various actions to recover, but I kindly suggest you to search how to do this instead of listen me.
In this forum the admins or moderators rarely respond, from a while. Therefore I'll suggest you to tag as many as you can (ex.: @Irene2_ASUS ) , eventually they will respond. Cheers!

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