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What New to Expect With Zenfone 6 - 2019?

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Hi there, 
We've seen the Zenfone 6 teasers and it's pretty clear that this time its just the screen with no notch, no bezels, thus very exciting. But will it be enough to stand out as a whole,  I mean other manufacturers are pushing more onto the innovation side like Pop Up camera, In-display fingerprint scanner, slider mechanism for cameras. 
From my perspective, all aforementioned are awesome features to play with, but the reality is, when you buy a device specifically the high-end one, you don't wish to get rid of it in a short time period (obviously). As, if and somehow you drop the device or it falls off from your hands, the after-sales service cost would be big enough of frustration, like it is with OnePlus 6T (the in-display fingerprint feature will cost you a fortune if the display gets broken), and same applies to the Pop-up camera thing & slider mechanism. 
The point I'm trying here to make is, how the new Zenfone 6 - 2019 will stand out of the crowd, as the user seeks not just the features only, but affordability, compatibility, durability, low-cost service, and last but not the least a STABLE SOFTWARE (ZenUI 6 maybe). 
May 16th is the day when ASUS will reveal the goodies it has for 2019 under the bag. Knowing that all of us have our own perspective and not all think like the same, but there is one thing common amongst all of us, that we want good. 
Do share your views on the same, will you be satisfied with a device that has some fancy features only? What do you expect the Zenfone 6 - 2019 to be? Drop your comments!

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Hi @ya_tend_ra !
I will move this thread to the ZenFone 6 Section so it is categorized better.


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The best feature of Zenfone 6 will be...
ZENUI 6 ??

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@CH_ASUS Yeah sure.

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@suhitkar Yup, I too wish that it should come out as stable.