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Volte will soon be required for TMobile

Rising Star I
According to Android police TMobile will require volte in January 2021 this means that the Zenfone 6 won't work on tmobile anymore in just a few months, I know in the past the mods have said that volte on tmobile is not a priority but maybe it could be a priority now, or is Asus planning on having all TMobile users find a new phone?

Rising Star II
Asus will have to enable it fire TMobile if they want people in America to keep using their phones. I wanted to buy the Zenfone 7 but if they can't enable volte them this is going to be a problem

I have the 6 now and was waiting for the 7. This is going to hurt Asus sales if they don't do something now. Have any mods spoke on this yet

Zen Master I
If I may add a bit off topic - VoLTE and VoWiFi are supported also by Polish providers. Could you add respective profiles?

Star II
Jumped on here to see what kind of answers I could get in light of this recent development. I am currently using a Zenfone 6 on Simple mobile in USA (T-MOBILE MVNO) if VoLTE actually becomes as issue ASUS neglects to resolve, I may be turned away from ASUS products altogether.

Star II
This needs to be addressed. If our phones will be useless by 2021 we need to know.

Star II
I expected to use this phone for a couple of years. Now I have to buy a new one before January. I can't decide who I am angrier at, T-Mobile or Asus.