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Stable Android 11 released Today

Rising Star I

Thanks Asus for releasing android 11 stable


I dared to update phone with this WW (TW) package with success. First impressions:

*there isn't a lot of UI changes. It looks almost like A10

*security patch returned to November

*Google Pay and other services works well in my region (WW, Poland)

*there is no window mode for applications

*sometimes UI are slowing down without reason

*(bug) clock is cutted when notification panel is expanded.

*settiings button is showed only when all shortcuts are expanded on notification panel

I don't belevie no beta tester has found it..


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Atualizei ontem (Brasil, América do Sul) pro A11 através do link disponibilizado aqui está tudo normal funcionando perfeitamente sem bugs, bateria ok rodando liso melhor que a versão anterior👏

Obrigado Asus!

Rising Star I

Kudos to all the Devs!

The UI is really fluid and bug free. I did not find any bugs until now. Seems like the Audio wizard and chrome issue is finally fixed in Android 11 update (keep you posted).

I have installed the Update from Asus website.(indian user)

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What was the bug with AudioWizard? Was it not working at all or having negative effects on the audio outputs??

Rising Star II



Try to install beta version of Google Messages. I have bubbles on beta version, I don't know if it's present on stable.

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Thanks that worked I guess they haven't fully updated the main app yet

Star III

What was the bug with AudioWizard? Was it not working at all or having negative effects on the audio outputs??

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Kind of. There were a lot of audio issues when the audio wizard was enabled like the audio used to stop working anytime and then I had to restart the device everytime to fix it. Sometimes there was no change in sound even after changing Equalizer settings.
Weren't you having any issues with the audio in Android 10?

Rising Star I
Any chance to recieve an update in India in today's date?