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Size of call answering and alarm button is too small

Rising Star I
Please increase the size of call answering and alarm buttons, since I have to swipe 2-3 times to accept or reject the call/alarm. FYI, Touch is working perfectly, it may due to the size of the button only, so please try to increase it bit larger and kindly update the look and feel too, since the screen is very boring.
Also why cant you change the background color of the call and Alarm screen. Grey color is not a good option, either make it black or white or any standard color, not some dull colors. Please try to fix.
Whoever accept my above two queries, kindly put a like and do post your comments.

Rising Star I
Yes whatever mentioned is perfectly acceptable but main fix is the call screen grey colour . It really needs fix . grey is not good option

Hall of Fame III
Thanks! I will forward your suggestions

Rising Star I
@Anders_ASUS , any update on this?