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Random restart/reboot on 30 definitive edition

Star I
I have a problem with random restarts on WW_16.1220.1909.194 on 30 Definitive edition. Sometimes it happens twice a day, sometimes once every 6 days.
The phone restarts when idle. It lies on the table, not used, just connected to Wifi 5 GHz, Bluetooth watches, T-mobile CZ network.
I don´t want to update to WW_17.1810.1911.110, I will wait for officially offered FOTA (I will have to do a hard reset anyway and probably full upgrade would be better). Is there any possibility of logging to find out what is causing it? Or how should I proceed?

Community Legend I
I recommend manually updating to 1911.110 instead of waiting for the FOTA, it's less likely to introduce these bugs, or at least that's what software has been telling me.
ZenFone 6 (ZS630KL) Driver & Tools | Phone | ASUS GlobalA guide on how is here.
If 1911.110 doesn't resolve this, then a factory reset is the next best option. Make sure to back up all your data beforehand.

Community Legend I
We can log your phone if this persists after a factory reset.