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Editing Individual app Icons

Star III

Guys I know you want to remain stock Android but allow us to edit individual icons to select from the various options in our installed and applied icon packs. I want to turn X back to the Twitter logo. Elon's gone mad and the home screen doesn't need this madness. We can edit app names so please make this happen. 


Star III

I'm a long-term user of Nova launcher and have been on many phones even my old Pixel 4a. Nova allows for loads of customization including changing icons. Then you can also download whole icon packs and use those instead.

I've used Nova plenty in the past but going for phones that don't need a different launcher has been my MO the past couple of devices. There's an app that allows for full icon packs to be applied available for Zenfone but no way to change individual icons. Shame. 


Hey @PBN,
Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded it to the R&D department.