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Please add VoWifi WiFi calling feature for India [Threads Merged]

Rising Star II
As Jio and Airtel now have wifi calling in india and soon Vodafone will also implement Wifi calling its time that Asus will add this feature in future updates.

Zen Master I

Also man, ViLTE is a required feature too. You guys keep refusing saying it's an India only requirment but thats like making indian demands as 2nd degree ones

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LOL. They have neither wifi calling nor volte in the US, so not sure where the impression of inferiority comes from.

Rising Star II

Here is corrected Typos from earlier posts

Correct Code is


Rule of such code: It starts with * and whatever your pre-text before numbers should mirror post-number code. After entering code, screen should go back to dialer mode, as if nothing happened. You don't have to press dial button.

WiFi calling has been enabled for my both Sims, Jio and Airtel.


I still need to test WiFi calling from home. Although, 6z receive better signal, JIO and Airtel both give $hIt coverage at my place on rotational basis. ? . I hope this works for me.


It seems that trick is working and I got the VoWiFi icon for Jio. This trick only work till phone restarts. Once phone is restarted, you will loose the VoWifi.

However after the update it's gone.

As phone restarted. You have to enter the code again.

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Thanks it's working for me now

Rising Star II

This trick is working for Jio but not for Airtel. I was able to make successful VoWIFI calls on Jio. But again, it is not very stable, the VoWIFI icon just disappears for a while and again comes back.

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Airtel wifi calling only works if you have Airtel Broadband connection. Jio works with any wifi.

Rising Star II
Even jio now supports vowifi.... 6Z being a flagship set, should have it....As opposed to many gimmicky features, vowifi is actually useful here in India.

Star I

Airtel wifi calling only works if you have Airtel Broadband connection. Jio works with any wifi.

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Trick works only for jio wifi that too is not stable....while AirtelWIFI doesn't works even on Airtel xtreme wifi network. VOWIFI has given some hope from the horrible indoor network quality of all the operators in india. Unfortunately buying an Asus phone is turning out to be a Disappointment