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VoWIFI / WiFi Calling Support

Star I

Wondering if anyone with a ZenFone 8 has had a similar experience. Just got one brand new (Android 13, fully up to date, not rooted), and already a little disappointed with the overall support experience even though I like the phone itself. For context, I am in the US and have an international version of the phone. I am using T-Mobile, and I've been getting all kinds of mixed messages on whether or not this phone supports Wi-Fi Calling.

ASUS support was unfortunately outright unhelpful in this regard. The tech I spoke to said "The Asus ZenFone 8 and 9 do not support VoWIFI and there is no way around this". However...

The option is missing from my settings, but if I enter that lengthy dial code that's on several articles on the internet, the option appears. I can enable it, and about 70% of the time the WiFi Calling icon appears, it displays "T-Mobile WiFi Calling" in the status bar, and calls work perfectly fine over WiFi. Of course, if I reboot the phone I have to re-enter the code which is annoying, and sometimes it doesn't work at all if I have no service when I re-enable it. As someone who has little to no cell service at home, or sometimes ends up in places with plenty of WiFi options but no cell service, this is pretty crucial feature for me.

Does anyone else have a similar experience / issue? If it actually is supported on the international version, is there a way to enable it more permanently in this case?  


Star I

Really missing WLAN calling. Thought this is a standard functionality - but was surprised it is not mentioned in the user manual. I cannot use the cell service at home so I'd depend on the VoWIFI option.  Looking forward getting info on how to configure it.

Star I

I also am not able to use Wi-Fi calling on my Zenfone 8.  I too like the phone but not the lack of Wi-Fi support.  Has anyone contacted TMobile?