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New update .144

Zen Master I
Now only received the update everything is good for now share your problems here

Zen Master III

I have the same problem, i restartet my Phone 3 times. It still doesn't work.

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One restart is sufficient, consecutive restarts cannot help you more 🙂
But if this doesn't help, then go to the Settings / System / Reset options / Reset Wi-Fi...

Rising Star II
Maybe its the cable don't want to mislead you.

Rising Star I

This .nomedia is an empty file which indicates that the directory where it is located must not be read by the apps, in fact it is hidden.

So it's an Android behavior. Where this file is located ?

In example, if you have something in the hidden cabinet, then a .nomedia file is in the hidden cabinet directory (Root/.hide directory).

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Its not in hidden directory, Usually I search in file manager and i get almost 42 .nomedia files in internal memory and 2,3 .nomedia files in Sd card. Check the attachment.

Star III
Wifi calling is great thanks Asus

Zen Master I

Do you hear a voice when you're on VoLTE?

If you're first on VoWiFi (without any audible voice) and then walk so far away from your router that it goes over to VoLTE, will you then hear each other?

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Yeah exactly what you said is happening when i am first on VoWiFi i can't hear anything and then i walk far away until it changed into VoLTE the call got declined and then i tried with the wifi still on but the wifi calling gone this time i can hear as usual
Is there any problem with my handset@Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS