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Moving apps and info to SD card

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Hey all, Got my hot new Zenfone 6 yesterday. Loving it so far.
Also purchased a spiffy new 400GB microSD card so I never have to worry about storage.

But i'm having issues figuring out how to move apps and info the the SD card.
Yes, I formatted it properly to be used as internal storage.
I am able to move the storage for my camera (photos and videos) to the card, so that's good.
But when i go to any other app, there is no option in the settings or in the device settings app area.

I'd really love to put things like Spotify on there, for obvious reasons.

Anybody have any ideas?



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The documentation you're referring to is a general one for all android versions. I do agree that they should mention that they removed this function.

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How do I move ictures from internal storage to SD card
I am being to to get permission. Do not understand instructionds

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How do. I. Transfer data from.internal storgevto SD cardi am being told I need permission y use. Sd card
I do not understand instructions
Nokia 6.1. Is the cell phone I am using

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I don't see any option regarding moving apps to SD or internal storage extension (only separate volumes) so Asus probably did not allow it. I don't know why. Anyway, you can move all spotify cache and songs to sdcard storage in their settings. Look it up.