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Missing Text Messages While Zenphone 6 (US) Is On Airplane Mode OR Turned Off OR Has No Signal

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Title says most of the problem. When my phone has no signal whether it be from the phone being turned off, airplane mode, or just lack of signal entirely I don't receive about 75% of my text messages.
I use Metro PCS and never had this issue on Verizon with my old LG V10. I called the carrier and had them do a network reset, factory reset the phone and tried different texting apps to see if maybe they would solve the problem, but alas to no avail. It was only once I got this phone I started having the issue. I've ruled out it's likely not the carriers fault, but rather a software or hardware related issue.
When I woke up this morning and turned on my phone it said I had a missed message, but when I went to my texting app there was no text there, and I messaged a friend to realize it was her who had texted me. So the phone seemed to of acknowledged there was a text, but then it didn't populate in the list of texts.
Do any of you have this problem? Have you solved it?

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First time I hear about this and it does sound weird but it is possible that there is some sort of compatibility issue with your carrier. I will send you a PM with instruction on how to log your device

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First, I want to say how excited I was for this phone along with all the other Asus products I've bought and maybe that was my trouble. I believed a US variant of an unlocked phone would have little trouble in usage. I've been proven wrong and will be sure to keep this in mind going forward. I will say the quality, the design, and the innovation really pushed me to this phone. I was able to overlook the missing band 71 for T-Mobile knowing that my data signal may suffer a small bit. I know you get questions about when the US variant of this phone will get Volte or wifi calling. I'm hoping to explain a real scenario that occurred to give more weight to the need of these features.

When I initially looked at this phone I probably could have researched further and realized that my area in which I live does not have much for 2g/3g reception and even then most carriers are working to phase it out. In my area, when the Zenfone 6 is forced into those bands it will typically provide a "no coverage/signal" message and only occasionally find 2g/3g for a minute and then back to no service. As you might imagine this makes placing/receiving calls at my home the most difficult experience I've had with a phone. When we have 2 Zenfone 6's and they both drop calls/have bad reception you can imagine a friendly call can quickly go to annoyance. Not only are calls difficult, but most of the time I'm unable to browse data while on call or the call drops, which impacts my job. In one weekend, I not only missed an important call from work, but also my home fire alarm went off and I missed the opportunity to receive an alert call and cancel the false alarm. So imagine my surprise when I'm met with my local fire dept and fire chief to explain to them that there was indeed no fire and how sorry I was to use their time. When I say missed, I mean there is no notification of incoming call, no missed call, nothing unless they leave a voicemail and who really does that anymore? All in all, was it my fault for not researching this phone more and expecting basic volte function? Yes. Was it my possibly faulty smoke detector that alerted the fire dept? Yes. Was it my alarm company that didn't try to call the other line on the account, which was another Zenfone 6? Yes. So what are my options? Luckily I have my original old phone and now will have to move a sim card to it to get the best service available to me every night or just sell the Zenfone 6.

The real frustration with the fire dept situation is the what ifs? Who else could have needed them? Yet they were stuck at my door step for nothing. This all could have been prevented if I just received a simple phone call. I'm hoping that with all this said, Asus will understand that this core feature of volte or even wifi calling will allow this phone to really function despite the minor missing signal bands. I'm hoping to be heard as a consumer and a fan of Asus and get this real situation example to the right people for serious consideration.

"Missed" call resulted in fire dept reporting to my home and possibly put others at risk

Like many other Zenfone 6 users, I am experiencing a ton of dropped sms and mms messages. I get maybe half of the messages that people send me and the other half just disappear into a black hole and never get delivered. I'm on Straight Talk using their AT&T network. I've tried factory resets, new sim cards, all the standard troubleshooting. The only thing I haven't yet tried is switching to Straight Talk's Tmobile network, which I will do as soon as the new sim card gets here.

I'd really appreciate some help from Asus, or from anyone else who has had this problem and fixed it. I love the phone but I will have to return it if I can't get this fixed by Friday (which is when the return window closes).

Zenfone 6 dropping sms and mms messages

My Zenfone 6 (ZS630KL-S855-6G128G) has been failing to receive calls, SMS, and MMS messages. I often get voicemails without the phone ever having rung, and with no call shown in the call history.

I first noticed the issue about a month and a half ago (mid November), but I don't recall if there was an update or anything around that time. I'm on Mint Mobile network in the US.

Has anyone else had these issues? I don't know for sure if it is the phone or the network. Any advice on figuring out or fixing the problem would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if there is any other information I can provide to help diagnose the issue.

Missing Calls, SMS, MMS

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Thank you for sharing all of this! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one experiencing this issue or something like it so there may be hopes for an update/fix.

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Hopefully Asus eventually allows US customers at least optional access to volte, even if it not explicitly carrier authorized.

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I hope for the same option for European Union customers.

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The first post has nothing to do with lost calls, sms. He commented about not having reception in his area because no VoLTE
Those other two I didn't know about since Lane was the one who replied. We have so many threads so it's easy to miss a couple. The OP has agreed to help us with a log file. Hopefully it can tell us why those messages got lost.