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Missing Text Messages While Zenphone 6 (US) Is On Airplane Mode OR Turned Off OR Has No Signal

Star II
Title says most of the problem. When my phone has no signal whether it be from the phone being turned off, airplane mode, or just lack of signal entirely I don't receive about 75% of my text messages.
I use Metro PCS and never had this issue on Verizon with my old LG V10. I called the carrier and had them do a network reset, factory reset the phone and tried different texting apps to see if maybe they would solve the problem, but alas to no avail. It was only once I got this phone I started having the issue. I've ruled out it's likely not the carriers fault, but rather a software or hardware related issue.
When I woke up this morning and turned on my phone it said I had a missed message, but when I went to my texting app there was no text there, and I messaged a friend to realize it was her who had texted me. So the phone seemed to of acknowledged there was a text, but then it didn't populate in the list of texts.
Do any of you have this problem? Have you solved it?

Zen Master I

The first post has nothing to do with lost calls, sms. He commented about not having reception in his area because no VoLTE

Those other two I didn't know about since Lane was the one who replied. We have so many threads so it's easy to miss a couple. The OP has agreed to help us with a log file. Hopefully it can tell us why those messages got lost.

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I understand. I wasn't trying to call you out or anything. Just trying to draw similar posts together. My understanding is that the problem may be that 3g coverage is often spotty in the US as it is older technology and is being replaced for obvious reasons. As the 6z unfortunately doesn't cooperate with LTE calling (it does with data) we are forced to depend on the non-LTE (H+) technology and we seem to be more at risk for missing calls and/or sms than those in other nations who have been given LTE coverage with calls (per @LP_ASUS in the 3rd link I had posted). I am willing to admit that this may be wrong. I know when testing my own phone, I have had some missed calls (when I've been calling myself from a landline) in situations where the signal was slightly weak. It would go straight to voicemail and the 6z would not record that the call was missed.