Zenfone 6 dropping sms and mms messages

cloudstrife0426cloudstrife0426 Level 1
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Like many other Zenfone 6 users, I am experiencing a ton of dropped sms and mms messages. I get maybe half of the messages that people send me and the other half just disappear into a black hole and never get delivered. I'm on Straight Talk using their AT&T network. I've tried factory resets, new sim cards, all the standard troubleshooting. The only thing I haven't yet tried is switching to Straight Talk's Tmobile network, which I will do as soon as the new sim card gets here.

I'd really appreciate some help from Asus, or from anyone else who has had this problem and fixed it. I love the phone but I will have to return it if I can't get this fixed by Friday (which is when the return window closes).


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