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My Zenfone 6 (ZS630KL-S855-6G128G) has been failing to receive calls, SMS, and MMS messages. I often get voicemails without the phone ever having rung, and with no call shown in the call history.

I first noticed the issue about a month and a half ago (mid November), but I don't recall if there was an update or anything around that time. I'm on Mint Mobile network in the US.

Has anyone else had these issues? I don't know for sure if it is the phone or the network. Any advice on figuring out or fixing the problem would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if there is any other information I can provide to help diagnose the issue.


  • Are you ever having issues with data? I'm not a guru at reading spec sheets for mobile networks, but if I'm correct it looks like Mint Mobile might only have a single 3G band.

    My guess is that your phone has terrible 3G coverage at your location, but consistently strong 4G/LTE and doesn't have a problem with mobile data. The shaky 3G will lead to dropped/missed/messed up calling/voicemail/SMS.

    Correct my if my assumption is wrong.

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    I have the same issue with T-Mobile and the only solution would be for Asus to enable volte, carriers in the USA are abandoning 3g so it has really bad coverage, there's a whole discussion about it here https://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/14258/missed-call-resulted-in-fire-dept-reporting-to-my-home-and-possibly-put-others-at-risk#latest I wish Asus would at least make volte an option in the settings app even if it's disabled by default, why make a USA variant when you can hardly receive phone calls with it because there isn't an option for volte

  • Yes, what he said ?

  • I haven't noticed any issues with data. I lose signal in some areas (deep in a building, out in rural areas), but that's expected as far as I know.

    I know very little about cell service bands and 3G/4G etc. I can't even find a way to tell if I have 3G coverage. I'm in the San Jose, CA area, if that helps. If I do have bad 3G coverage where I am because carriers are phasing it out (as suggested by mosimchah), how will that affect my calls? Do calls and SMS only travel over 3G and not 4G? I had thought that the G's were only for data and calls/texts were transmitted differently, as indicated by the separate 3G/4G and signal ramp icons on most phones. Is that incorrect?

    If I'm in an area without 3G, then shouldn't I at least get a missed call notification and receive the texts when I move back to an area that has 3G? I think that's how it works when I go to an area with no signal at all, but I don't remember for sure. The behavior I'm seeing is no missed call notification at all (even if I get a voicemail from the call), and texts never arriving.

    I'm quite happy with this phone other than the issues receiving calls/texts, but that's a pretty major issue that will definitely make me abandon the phone if I can't get it fixed. I'm really hoping there's a fix somehow!

  • We can log your phone to find out for sure, as of right now the 3G idea is just a hypothesis. But I'm leaning towards that, because we are in the same area but have vastly different calling experiences on different networks. I use AT&T on my test unit and haven't experienced any missed messages or SMS since I've been using it. SF Bay Area as well.

    I'll send you a PM with log instructions.

    To answer your question, SMS and voice use 3G connections. Data is 4G/LTE, unless the phone supports VoLTE which ours does not. As @skylerwolfe and @mosimchah have pointed out, this is probably request number one for the phone, but at this time we don't support it. So in cases where 3G coverage is poor, you may experience spotty/missed calls.

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