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Malfunction Phone Purchased from Flipkart India

Star I
Hello Concern,
This is the worst experience faced so far. I bought Z6 from Flipkart, India. The product was exchanged for the very first time in 3-4 days of purchase because of faulty camera. During the time of exchange, I requested Flipkart to refund my as I no longer needed that product but refused to redund my money. There, I was forced to sell it third party via Olx, but this exchanged product remained unsold for few days as no one bought even the product was sealed pack along with Flipkart packaging. So after around 10 days of exchange, I unpacked it started using it, but the phone was restarting again and again. So after few hours, I formatted it but the issues persisted. So after that, I contacted Flipkart folks again, but they didn't answer even after 24 hours. I am really felling helpless from Flipkart's end. I would request you to please help me out with this. The invoice number: FABA6P2000030723.
Awaiting for prompt response.


Star II
Same is the case here, got this in Friday since then it's been booting up and random crashes. Same time nine of the sim cards seems to be steady along with WiFi, and chasing up with flipkart is a pain. Finally have one executive coming in today hoping I can convince him for a refund.