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Locked mobile is unlocked automatically

I found biggest threat in my 6z.
Issue is whenever I connect my MI Bluetooth headset, once it's connected.
It never asked fingerprint, pattern or face unlock to unlock the mobile I just need swipe from bottom to top .

Even display wake-up after a hr still I can unlock without any worries if my headset is connected.

Can anyone help me out ?

Rising Star I
i think u have activated the smart lock feature go turn it of in scueity n lock thn try again.

Community Legend I
As @aditya.a.s.singh.18 mentioned, this sounds like a Smart Lock issue.
In Settings>Security and lock screen>Smart Lock>Trusted devices, ensure that your headset is not a trusted device if you do not want this behavior to happen.
If that doesn't resolve the automatic unlocking issue, please update this thread.