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How can I fix my asus zenfone 4?

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I have this left over phone I decided I'd root because I needed a mobile version of kali linux and I though the rootless way was too restrictive of its features and I wanted to learn hands on how the operating system worked in a phone. So I go through a few steps on the xda forums, I get the bootloader unlocked, I make a new boot.img with magisk, and flash it with the minimal adb and fastboot. All is good so far, so I move on to getting kali installed, I use the sdk dev tools from Android to get twrp running, then I go to flash Disable_Dm-Verify_ForceEncrypt_11.02.2020 and my phone got stuck on the zenfone loading screen. I decide to go into fastboot and format the internal storage to ext4fs. Big mistake, and there's no more operating system or anything on my phone and it boots into fastboot by default. I can still load into twrp thank god, and I tried sideloading and flashing kali nethunter lite but I get the error message "Your data partition appears to be empty. Please complete the Android setup wizard before installing Kali Nethunter!" This is my first time truly getting this deep into the software of a phone, and I have plenty experience with computers and Linux, but phones are a whole new world for me, and I think this will be a really good learning experience. If anyone has any idea of what I can do it'd be helpful, thanks!